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When you send us a shamisen for repairs or replacements, here is an example how to pack a shamisen. This is one of the examples of how to pack. Please use this information as reference. It does not guarantee that it will avoid a breakage or damage of your shamisen.
Attention:When customers send shamisen for repair to my store,we ask that the customers pay for the shipping fee.

Things you need for packing a shamisen

  • Cardboard box
  • Packing materials (bubble wraps or newspapers)
  • Packing tape

How to disassemble a shamisen
(usually the shamisen's neck can be separated into three pieces)

  1. Please pack on the bed, etc. so that the shamisen does not break when you drop.
  2. Untie the neo (a part which knots strings together).
  3. Wrap the strings to the pegs of the head neck.
  4. Turn the back skin toward you.
  5. A shamisen can be disassemble into 3 parts. Hold the upper seam joint (or around the upper seam joint) with your left hand. With your right hand, pound the seam joint area from top to down.
  6. The joints will gradually open up as you pound. So be patient when you pound.
  7. As the joints gradually opens up, hold the shamisen after you pound with your right hand to avoid dropping when joints come apart.
  8. The head neck and the middle neck should come off.
  9. Disassemble the middle neck and the lower neck by doing the same steps.
  10. When the neck is disassembled into 3 pieces, attach Karitsugi (attachment) if you have any.

How to assemble a shamisen

  1. Please pack on the bed, etc. so that the shamisen does not break when you drop.
  2. Turn the top surface toward you.
  3. Match the grooves on the lower neck and the middle neck and insert the middle neck into the lower neck. (If there are no grooves, you can insert smoothly by putting the surfaces of the shamisen together using your thumb.)
  4. You may still see a space between seam joints, so hold and push the top of the middle neck with your both hands harder.
  5. Push until there is no space between seam joints.
  6. Assemble the middle neck and the head neck by doing the same steps.
  7. Insert the neo at the edge of the body and stretch strings.

How to string

how to string

packing procedure

  • packing01
    First, prepare a cardboard box that is sufficient to fit a shamisen. We recommend a slightly larger box.
  • packing02
    Disassemble the pegs and attach Karitsugi (attachment) if you have any.
  • packing03
    Wrap each piece with bubble wraps. If you don have a Karitsugi (attachment), wrap with extra bubble wraps. If you need skin replacement and are sending us only the body part of the shamisen, we recommend you to enclose the neck with the body because it is difficult to insert the neck into the body.
  • packing04
    Prepare newspapers that you put in the cardboard box. Cover the bottom of the box with the newspapers.
  • packing05
    Place the shamisen or pegs, etc. on top of the newspapers. Placing each piece too close may cause breakage or damage to the shamisen. We recommend you to place each piece loosely to prevent any breakage or damage.
  • packing06
    Place enough crumpled newspapers on top of the shamisen.
  • O̎菇07
    This should complete packing the shamisen. On the box, write gHandle with care. Shamisen inside.h or attach a gFragileh label.

Here are some of the shamisen accessoris in our shop.